Entry #3

Daily Third! (New project in the works!)

2013-05-04 22:33:03 by ShigDiggity

Hello! I'd like to start off this news post by thanking everyone who has taken the time to watch my flash and/or review it. The Spongebob parody, for the most part, has been very well received. It seriously means a lot to me that even a single person (let alone multiple) would get enjoyment out of my animation.

Here is a link to Spengbab's Day Off in case you missed it!

With that in mind, I am beginning the journey for my next animation! I'm going to stick with parodies for now because I find them fun to make and it's great practice! Eventually I plan on making my own series once I get the hang of animating better with storyboards and all that jazz. I'm planning to get my talented friend Bpremo to do some more backgrounds for me so it should be a blast!

Here is just a little teaser of what is to come. Look for it in the portal within the coming weeks!

Daily Third! (New project in the works!)


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2013-05-05 03:29:59

Good stuff man, can't wait to see more.

ShigDiggity responds:



2013-05-05 12:14:32

domestic violence without after effect also known as slap stick IS funny

ShigDiggity responds:

he bruises easily


2013-05-05 13:00:53

hey D00D june 10th is my bday and i am turning 9

ShigDiggity responds:



2013-05-05 14:47:35

whats with the new account? lol

ShigDiggity responds:

It's just for uploading flash


2013-05-05 23:55:37

I hate bruised bananas...